HELLO! Nice to meet you.

HELLO! Nice to meet you.

Lindsay Nohl

I am an interdisciplinary creator that loves collaboration, experimentation, and learning. The majority of my creative efforts have mirrored these interests, and have given me the opportunity to really enjoy making different things, and working with others that want to do something crazy, or new, or fun.

I am proud to have the scatter-shot portfolio of a person that has a lot of extremely varied interests, and I hope it gives you a sense of who I am and the importance I place on inventing, exploring and joining forces with other people to make things happen.

I am a teacher, a creative director, a speaker, and an artist.  

Please check out my two studios:
Light Grey Art Lab (gallery and collaborative art space)
Paper Bicycle (commercial product & surface design)

And come look for me in the evenings at the
Minneapolis College of Art & Design
Where I'll be teaching alongside some wonderful people for the BFA & Continuing Education programs.